With the #rescheduledontcancel movement happening I thought there was no better time than now to speak about a weekday wedding. Luckily, my BF Devin and her hubby, Mark had a Thursday night wedding 4 years ago (which wasn’t typical) and she’s here to give us the recap.

“Originally we weren’t thinking of our wedding being on a weekday, but we also never limited ourselves to just a weekend option. We knew we wanted to have the wedding in July because here in BZN, MT that is the one month out of the year it is most likely to be consistent, warm + beautiful weather with hopefully no chance of rain showers mid ceremony. Before we were even engaged (guilty), I already knew most of the vendors I had dreamed of having be part of our big day.

My priority was to contact my dream photographers Samantha + Reid with Orange Photographie and my dream florist designer, Remy owner of Labellum. Those were the two I knew I didn’t want to budge on, so I reached out to them first to see what their availability was for the entire month of July. If I recall correctly, I think Orange Photographie was already booked every weekend for the month of July so we started to play around with the idea of having a Thursday or Friday wedding. Knowing the tourist industry, I knew that July was the most traveled month of the year; especially in the Summer and especially for folks in Montana. I thought to myself, if we send out the save the dates and our invites early enough; I didn’t see why asking for work off or taking a long weekend vaca would be any issue for our guests if they had plenty of time to inform their jobs. I don’t recall anyone honestly questioning us about having a Thursday night wedding; if anything it gave folks an excuse to have a long weekend, and my extended family from the East Coast an excuse to take a week long vaca and tour around MT before and after our wedding and they totally loved it!

So overall, super happy about it. I think sometimes people forget that their wedding anniversary every year is going to be on a different day of the week.”

Did you save money?

“Being a designer and a photographer in the community, I was able to pull some strings and do some trades here and there myself and saved us a little bit of money. By having our wedding on a Thursday we did save a little money with our Venue (The Woodlands) and our caterer (Just a Taste Catering), since at the time in 2016 they had a “week day rate.”

Were you afraid people couldn’t make it?

”Nope! I knew if I gave people enough of a heads up, and if they truly wanted to come they would make it happen, no matter what day of the week it was.”

Did you have more vendor options?

”I was so locked in on what vendors that I wanted from the start that I didn’t really consider anyone else! We got engaged September 26th of 2015 and I had all of my vendors locked in by Thanksgiving. I knew that I had to do that because “engagement season” is typically Nov – Feb of every year, so if I wanted the vendors I had been dreaming of, then I had to lock it down quick and I did!”

Anything you would change?

“Nothing. Even to this day when I look back on our day, it was absolutely what we both wanted in every single way!”

Photographers: Orange Photographie
Florist: Labellum 
Venue: The Woodlands MT
Makeup artist: Indulgence
Rentals: Montana Party Rental
Dinner Catering: Just a Taste Catering
Dessert: Luxe Spirited Sweets
Gown: Eskay
Brides Accessories: BHLD + Nordstrom
Groom’s Outfit: Nordstrom

Check out their wedding over on Rocky Mountain Bride Montana in 2017.




All photos taken by Orange Photographie.