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Hey blog fam! During my time in quarantine I’ve had a lot of creative mojo and ideas floating around in my head (get all caught up over on my insta feed). One of my ideas is to have real vendors in the wedding industry speak first hand about what they offer and or tips for planning your special day. That being said, Macy Krall with Borrow my Vintage is here today to give us the in’s and out’s of how Borrow My Vintage works.


Macy started in 2014 with a handful of mason jars. She said, “I love when I find a new piece and know the history behind it along with getting a great deal at the auction and helping brides put together their vision for the best day of their life.” When she’s not setting up a wedding, cleaning china, thrifting the office— you can find her decorating their 1904 Victorian home, being a puppy-momma to Corah + Frankie or photographing weddings.

So, below were a handful of questions I had for Macy:

1. Why hire you? 

Borrow my Vintage is a rental and styling company based in West Branch, Iowa and serving the midwest. Our collection features lounge packages, buffets, tabletop + small ware items along with custom built items for our clients! We can help bring your vision to life and make that vintage wedding happen for you.

2. What makes you different?

It’s about community. Whenever possible, we hire local, independent businesses and craftspeople to not only create but also move and maintain our collection. We then hope people like you will use that collection to create spaces that gather people together. Renting is greener and by choosing to rent items, you are saying yes to re-use. We want to provide you with quality and lighten your load physically, emotionally and logistically. When your event day comes, there will be so much work to do. Things have to be packed, moved, unpacked, re-packed, moved again, and unpacked, and all while you are trying to enjoy yourself and look fabulous for the camera. Even before the event date, things need counted, batteries need installed, rugs need vacuumed, and upholstery needs brushed. When you rent from us, we take care of all of these things!

3. How it works? 

Our process is simple – view our collection on our website and reach out! We offer a few options – will call services, delivery + hand-on creative services and design + styling services. 

4. What you offer? 

Our collections are what you make of it! While our collection changes all the time, there are a few overarching types of items we stock, and a few different things you can do with them. This includes lounges (from sofas, settees and chairs to accent tables and rugs), sweetheart + head table decor + seating, centerpieces (from terrariums, lanterns and votives), and ceremony backdrops. Check out our collections tab on our website ( 

Check out our Client Experience Guide: 

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Blog photos by: Peyton Curry, Emily Crall, Indwell weddings, Natures grace and Ivory and Bliss


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