Hey all!

How are we turning a new page ALREADY!? Where on earth did 2019 go?! Like, for reallll, it blew by! Anyway, I wanted to share my top photos from 2019 and chat a little bit about how I’m moving my business forward and growing my family, successfully.

A few things that have helped me navigate business and family growth are figuring out what I’m capable of and what I need to outsource. I’ve been listening to a handful of podcast from the Goal Digger, Heart and Hustle and The Carrie On have been AMAZING for encouragement. It has pushed me to figure out margins in my business and what I’m actually capable of. Folks, we can’t do it ALL and I’m learning that.

This last year, I took on way too many things that didn’t fill me. I said yes to people and events that weren’t healthy and I put my health a little on the side, WHICH I HATED, but I’m learning. I had a little bit of a wakeup call when were trying to get pregnant and I had an inquiry for my first destination wedding, which would have been my due date IF we would have gotten pregnant. I said no to the inquiry (which was WAY more difficult than I thought) and hoped we could grow our family. I also had a MASSIVE mind shift that destination wedding photography was my “right now” and I SO BADLY wanted to be that carefree traveler, shooting weddings and scaling cliffs with brides, but the Lord had other plans for me. I had to reset my focus and figure out how to serve my Midwest clients the BEST WAY POSSIBLE.

So, below are a few things that have transformed my business. 

  1. Honeybook: The online bookkeeping system that HAS SAVED MY LIFE. It helps me manage business processes from inquiry to invoicing. HoneyBook lets me manage projects, book clients, sign contracts online, send invoices, and handle payments. To take 50% off your first year, check out this code. IT’S AMAZING!

  2. Outsourcing my edits: Yes, you read that right. I outsource ALL my wedding galleries to better serve my clients during busy season. I’ve teamed up with some amazing humans that turnaround my galleries quicker and more efficiently. This helps me scale my business forward and also be intentional at home. It’s a win-win for the season we are in.

  3. Narrative App: This platform has been such a game changer for my blogs. I’m able to upload more photos and be so much more efficient on moving content. Prior to this app, it would take me weeks to get one blog post up, but now I’m doing 3 or more per month. Get your discount code here.

  4. Rest: Ugh, such an important thing! I’m learning when to rest and not feel guilty about it, WHICH has been a large eye opener for me. Working from home means you can work 24/7 and that is NOT healthy! Allowing myself to breathe, take a Sabbath, enjoy my family, and navigate my own schedule, are a few areas I am working on. Rest people.

  5. Showing up on social media: 80% of my business is driven from Instagram WHICH IS AMAZING, but also sometimes exhausting. The gram is a touchy platform to get lost in. So, I show up, comment, like, encourage and then get off. As much as I want to share EVERYTHING, I can’t and honestly, I don’t want to. It’s a wonderful tool as I’ve grown my business and friendships but also, face to face contact outweighs any comment, like or repost.

I hope these are helpful for everyone reading. It is possible to have a thriving family and successful business. Don’t miss a few of my favorite photos from 2019 and I can’t wait to share more in 2020!

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