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I’m here to drop some photographer knowledge. I feel like NO ONE told me these things so, here I am sharing my top 10 nuggets on second shooting a wedding with you! I’ve had the opportunity to photograph under some amazing humans and feel I have the street cred to say this, lol. They’ve all taught me SO MUCH and I’m eternally grateful. Everyone’s advice was “second shoot as much as possible before you book your own wedding”, which IS wonderful advice and I’m so happy I did. This May I’ll be kicking off my FIRST wedding with a second shooter (wink, wink) and I couldn’t be more excited and confident. 

Below are my TOP 10 Nuggets:

  1. Don’t go in blind. Have some knowledge and watch some YouTube videos about your camera and lens. Know your gear! 

  2. Don’t wear NEW shoes. It’s a long day. Roll with comfort over style. 

  3. Don’t try new camera settings unless you’ve practiced. Photograph with what you know. 

  4. Bring snacks. There may or may not be a time to sit and eat and that’s ok. Hydrate when you can no one wants you passing out!

  5. Don’t be so confident you don’t over prepare. Come with backup gear and ideas if someone ask for your opinion

  6. Don’t be someone you’re not. Be yourself, kind and helpful. 

  7. Don’t OD on caffeine beforehand. You’ll get the shakes. Been there. Done that. 

  8. Don’t assume anything as a second shooter. Ask for a contract or a written document of the photography agreement. Be on the same page. Remember, it’s not your wedding. 

  9. Don’t be late. Looks bad. 

  10. Don’t be nervous. Ask questions. If you don’t know something , say it. That’s why your there. Learn, absorb and ask for feedback.

Hope these were helpful. Below are some photos of a styled shoot, enjoy! Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions.

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