The day is finally here! I get to share my brand new website with you after many years in the making. The goal was to create a brand and website that showed the true me. 

An intimate wedding photographer that is fun and outgoing, who creates richly colorful yet timeless images.

Now let’s get into the story of how this came to be. I started my business six years ago with a vision of what I wanted my business to look like both physically and digitally. But here is the kicker, when you are first starting out, websites and branding are expensive and it had to take a back seat to the true mission of photography. What were the things I could enhance about the NFP experience without spending a dime? The number one thing that I can do that sets me apart from the others is how I invest in my clients. Turning my focus to creating an experience through personal touches and infusing my personality into my work started to set me a part from the crowd. The more I dove into my strengths, the more obvious it became as to where my business wanted to go. And that brings us to today.

I reached a point where it was time to invest in my brand the way I intended to six years ago. But this go around, I had already gone through the trial and error phase. I already knew what didn’t work for my brand or my clients. The vision became far more clear. I have now reached a place where my brand voice is true and I know exactly what my business can provide for others. This website investment in Nat Finley Photography is a commitment to myself and honoring the blood, sweat and tears I’ve poured into this business. 

Before you dive into this work of art, I want to share with you the advice I wish I would have heard long ago when it comes to building a brand.

  1. Use a web platform that works for you. Each platform has its pros and cons, but pick the one that works best for your workflow and that highlights your work the best. I made the move to Showit and it’s been a great fit!
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I am a one woman show when it comes to photography. But that doesn’t mean I can’t outsource the other aspects of my business that others do better. Contract out a web designer, graphic designer, copywriter, and on occasion photo editor. It takes a village and don’t be ashamed of that.
  3. Know your vision, your why, and your budget. It is incredibly easy to rack up a hefty bill on branding and website work with the blink of an eye. Go in knowing what you want. If you don’t, odds are you’ll be disappointed in the final product because you weren’t clear on what you wanted. 

Thank you for the support all of these years. Cheers to another six years of epic photography!


  1. Lori Baker says:

    Congratulations Nat! We’ve seen the amazing work you’ve done these past six years and your new website is just what you need to move to the next phase of your business. Your vision is clear, clients will continue to be your top priority plus your beautiful photos speak for themselves.
    I’m so excited for this step in your career!

  2. Madeline Bamberg says:

    Gorgeous! Love the crisp, clean look and how clear it is who you work with and what they can expect! Congrats!

  3. It’s so rewarding to have a website that you’re proud to show off your beautiful work!

  4. Alexa Priske says:

    nat! it looks wonderful! I love how clean it looks! way to go friend!

  5. Jen Berry says:

    Nat!! I am so excited for you and this big milestone in your business! I’ve had the pleasure to get to be your client and I’ve also had the opportunity to get to know you a little outside of that and just want to say that you radiate beauty and kindness in every aspect of your life. The website looks great and I’m so excited to continue seeing your work.

  6. Sierra Hoppman says:

    Congratulations, Nat! I’m OBSESSED with the new site. I am so excited for you and this new step in your career. I have nothing but good things to say about you and your business. June 3 cannot come soon enough 🥰

  7. Alecca says:

    Yay!!! So proud of you and love the site 🤍🤍

  8. Kayla Udelhofen says:

    Nat!!! Your site looks amazing!!! So proud of how much you’ve grown in your business & excited to see what’s ahead for you!!! You’re awesome!!

  9. Christine says:

    Congratulations on your new site! It looks gorgeous and I love the elegant design!

  10. Lisa Becker says:

    Congratulations Nat! The website is beautiful and represents you wonderfully and love that I can sense your personality through it all!

  11. Katie Baker says:

    Nat this is beautiful! I love your personal touches with the photos of you, Clay and the boys. Melt my heart you guys are precious. I love your clean color scheme and the quotes from your happy clients that stand out and highlight your talent!

    • Olivia Jewell says:

      I love the new look. I also absolutely love your photography. This is such a cute organized rustic theme. It fits perfectly with your photography

  12. Your website is beautiful & so easy to navigate! I love your work & would easily recommend you to my friends/family.

  13. Steph Burchardt says:

    I love the color palette you picked! Everything looks great! 💕

  14. Cassie Schetgen says:

    It looks amazing, Nat!! I love how crisp and professional it looks. And of course your photos are amazing as always!

  15. Nicole M says:

    It’s lovely! I love your education piece. I didn’t know you were a mentor to aspiring photographers! Great way to use your expertise 🙂 Congrats on the new site!

  16. Claire says:

    Love the new design! So chic and easy to flow through when looking through blog posts, photos, etc!

  17. Seth says:

    I love the new site! Everything about it. Great job!

  18. Kaitlyn K says:

    Love the new website! So easy to navigate! Congrats!

  19. Rebekah Walters says:

    Hello! I love the new website! It is beautifully designed and laid out. It is very user friendly!

  20. Jenny Vinzant says:

    I feel like I can hear you saying everything as I’m reading the content on your website – no small feat!! I love how personal it is to you. Well done, friend!

  21. Tara Trine says:

    Love the new website! But even more beautiful than your website are the photos you’ve taken! Beautiful!

  22. Tana Finley-Padilla says:

    So proud of you! I love your vulnerability and bravery as you gave tangible, achievable bullet points that encourage the rest of us to move forward with our dreams!

  23. Aleah says:

    Your website is gorgeous – congratulations! I love the theme and how easy it is to find examples of your work.

  24. Cassie B says:

    Your new site is GORGEOUS! I love how your personality shines through in all of your design choices – whether that be in the colors you chose or your voice in all of your text and stories!

  25. Jenny Hillebrand says:

    Congratulations and I LOVE the site! You do amazing work and I love that you showcase your work here!!🥰🥰

  26. Nat it’s beautiful!!!! My favorite page is your about page! Just stunning 😉

  27. Meghan Custis says:

    Congratulations! This website showcases your talent and style perfectly! Amazing job! 😊

  28. Evelyn Maddux says:

    The layout is just stunning! Love the theming and consistency throughout! Beautiful!

  29. Allie Arnz says:

    This website looks beautiful. I’m so excited to see what you continue to capture and create in the future! 🙂

  30. Kali Blocklinger says:

    So excited for you and this new launch, Nat! Your style is classic and has such an ease, something not easily achieved! Best wishes!

  31. Abby says:

    Love your new site, shows your creative, yet personal side which makes your brand so unique! Love your your work! So inspiring!

  32. Katie Wilke says:

    Congratulations on your new site my sweet friend! It looks absolutely amazing and you are killing it in the photography realm! ♥️♥️ love watching you do great things from afar!

  33. Krista Grutz says:

    Your website is so beautiful! Just like your personality 🤗 love the colors and the flow.

  34. Kyle Baker says:

    Website looks great! Portfolio and and style speak for themselves, great personal touch as well.

  35. Kat Nietzel says:

    I love the new website! It’s so stunning and easy to navigate! It truly reflects who you are and what you believe is important in this life. Keep capturing moments that will truly last a lifetime, making amazing friends, and giving each person images they will have forever! I cherish all the family photos you have taken and am so thankful we have them in our home! Keep doing amazing things and doing what you do so well!

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