Capturing special moments, unscripted, unposed, for clients who want more, putting them at ease in front of the lens and helping them stay in that happy place so that together we can make art that is personal: one-of-a-kind. 

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Are you not loving your online photo gallery? Do you feel like you’re missing something when you finish a project and deliver photos to your clients? Well, you’re not alone. I was in the exact same spot. Every time I delivered my galleries, something was missing and
IT DROVE ME NUTS! Why did everyone else seem so flawless when it came to beautiful galleries matching their brand and making extra income on prints?

So, this year I moved my online client gallery from Pixieset to Pic-Time and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. Before I switched, I felt like I was missing something whether it was the way my clients previewed photos, the inability to set up my store front and the limited print labs they offered. Below, I’ll share some of my favorite things I love about Pic-Time.

  1. The galleries. The way they set up their galleries for photographers is wonderful. It’s beautiful and user friendly. I have yet to have a client complain about downloading, saving or printing images. 

  2. Personalizing my page. I love that i can choose my branding and colors to tie everything together. It looks so clean! 

  3. The shop. This is probably my favorite feature. They make it SO EASY to print photos and I never have an excuse now. Also, the variety of print shops is nice along with print packs to books is amazing. Endless options. Also, this is a great way to serve your clients and make a little extra cash.

  4. Quality of photos. Because Pic-Time offers so many amazing printers and their high-res downloading (which is wicked fast) it makes printing photos even more fun!

  5. The email automation. Not only does Pic-Time make it easy for your clients to view and shop photos but they help you stay in touch with your clients with their  automated campaigns. You don’t have to skip a beat and you it’s another great way to serve your clients!

If your curious about Pic-Time and want to try it, click here for the trail and use
code VVWEV9. Feel free to drop me an email with ANY questions.



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