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I’m so glad to be jumping on, I’ve missed sharing on this space. If you missed my new baby news, go check out some photos of JJ over on my instagram and drop that cutie some love. WE ARE SO EXCITED! As for my maternity break, It’s been restful and relaxing so far.

I gear up for my 2020 wedding season this May and I can’t wait!

I wanted to chat about the TOP 5 things I wish I would have known before I planned our wedding. Yes, back in 2014 I was pinning EVERYTHING country themed. I wanted an outdoor, country themed wedding because that was the “in thing”. First, I was not from the country. Second, I had no idea what I actually wanted because I had so many ideas from Pinterest. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Pinterest. It’s such a wonderful platform for ideas, DIY, recipes and a place for me to showcase my work BUT it also made me want a wedding that might not have been us.

With that being said, I’m sharing MY Top 5 things I wish I would have known before
we got married. Happy reading!

  1. HAVE A BUDGET AND STICK TO IT. Everyone’s wedding looks financially different and there is NO REASON to go into serious debt over it. Pick a number and find a way to stick to something that works for you and your partner. Below are some great budget and planning tools that might help!



2. LESS IS MORE. I thought I needed everything everywhere BUT that’s not the case. I spent so much money on wasteful things I wasn’t intentional about the “important” stuff like gifts for the people around us, a honeymoon, and a videographer. These were just a few things. Make a list of things that represent you and your partner and plan from there!

3. DISREGARD THE TRENDS. I have a love and hate relationship with this because I love fashion trends but it also can hinder your own style. As for my wedding, I wanted it to be “trendy” (who doesn’t, right?!) and I got lost sight of what actually represented my hubby and I. Luckily, as the last minute he decided to add some things to our wedding that made it more him and I loved it!

4. PRINT THE DAMN PHOTOS. It took me over 3 years to actually make a wedding album, ugh I know! I reached out to my photographer right after we got married and SHOULD HAVE PAID HER to make us one and our families, but I didn’t! It was probably one of my biggest regrets because I wasn’t showcasing our best day in our home. I was just being lazy about it. Print your photos, give them as gifts and YOU WILL NEVER REGRET IT!

5. SAVE FOR A HONEYMOON! Because we were on such a tight budget and didn’t think a honeymoon was important, we didn’t take one. We said we would take one a year later AND IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! Life gets busy and things happen. TAKE A HONEYMOON and enjoy the time with your partner before life gets even more crazy.

I hope these nuggets help you as you plan your big day!
Thank you for reading and happy planning. Leave any comments below about tips or tricks you’re using as you plan your big day!

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