Capturing special moments, unscripted, unposed, for clients who want more, putting them at ease in front of the lens and helping them stay in that happy place so that together we can make art that is personal: one-of-a-kind. 

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It’s my first blog post, holy snakes! Ekkk, I’m so excited to be apart of this community of entrepreneurs, creative souls and online extroverts. I’m still getting used to all the platforms, posting, pinning and editing. I still have SO MUCH TO LEARN, gasp.

Anywho, I wanted share a little bit about myself, how my business got started and what’s to come. If you’re familiar with my Instagram, Facebook or website you’ll know I’m an extroverted go getter who’s extremely competitive. Also, tall, goofy and fueled by coffee. I’m a wife and mama first (which is hard when I love photography and I’m trying to learn EVERYTHING AT ONCE!) and then a photographer. I love, love, love meeting new people, eating good food and enjoying conversation over a glass of wine.

Transition to some deep sh**

This “mom stuff” and business is hard AH. It’s emotionally and physically draining during times. Right now it’s our busiest season as a family and photographer. My hubby coaches football (Go Eagles!) and the seasons are changing (cozy sweaters, apple orchards and cute pictures, duh.) so we are ships passing in the night. We try really hard to over communicate, stay intentional and be proactive but we’re sinners saved by grace. Can I get an AMEN?! One of my biggest growing pains in the business has been comparison on social media. IT WILL DESTROY YOU IF YOU’RE NOT CAREFUL. Everyone that is a photographer only shows the “good”. It’s rare that they show outtakes, struggles or challenges. So, not getting wrapped up in “others” work or success has been a constant battle. Switching my mindset to encouraging others, reaching out for help and using it as encouraging fuel has helped SO MUCH! How have you navigated the “comparison” battle on social media? I’d love to hear your feedback. Also, are you passing ships in the night with your spouse? How are you staying connected and encouraging one another?

The scary part. Where people judge, rate, like or turn away your work. Who has the most “reasonable” wedding package, family or senior session, etc. How many “likes” on instagram do you get during peak time? Ugh. This my friends, is a grind that will always make you and me weary. The constant battle to keep up. I’m currently trying to “keep up” and I realized today, sitting with a friend over coffee, it’s ok to not be “keeping up”. Why do we put this pressure on ourselves and where does it come from? For me, it’s the competitive drive to be great, do my best and be financially successful. Yes, I know, this is ALL not attainable or mentally healthy to achieve within a year. Yes, I’m a millennial, enough said. On that note I’m rocking family and senior sessions like a BOSS and dabbling in the wedding gig. I’m second shooting a few weddings before I solo my first next May and it’s been a blast! My photography style is very “not posed” and more of a natural look. I like to capture real, natural shots. I have couples kiss, giggle or dance like a crazy person. As for coloring I like the deeper, muted colors with a little pop of light added to it. If that’s how you explain it.



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